This outline will help identify important time lines:


  • Plan to attend the PEIPC Annual General Meeting in late September or early October
  • Call from the Provincial Chair to plan initial visit
  • Call from Provincial Chair to confirm attendance of Sponsoring Committee Chair and Commanding Officer at upcoming Annual General Meeting


  • First official visit to your squadron by your Provincial Chair\
  • Visit a gliding center if you have an opportunity


  • Follow up by Provincial Chair if any forms are missing


  • Check on progress in completing applications for National Courses
  • Take part in local interviews for cadets applying for National Courses
  • Have a great holiday


  • Early call from Provincial Chair as a reminder about upcoming deadline for National Course applications
  • Extend best wishes to candidates for gliding and flying scholarship tests
  • Call from Provincial Chair to plan the next visit to the squadron


  • Second official visit to your squadron by your Provincial Chair March
  • Confirm ACR briefing package has been sent to Provincial Chair April
  • Attend Provincial Effective Speaking Competition
  • Attend ACR if in April


  • Attend ACR if in May


  • Attend ACR if in June
  • Make sure all final visit reports have been forwarded


  • Plan if you can, relax if you can’t
Air Cadet League of PEI