The dinner was held Saturday, October 26, 2016.

Following our Annual meeting, the main event of the day was The 75th Anniversary Air Cadet Mess Dinner. This was a big success and the highlight of my time we the PEI League.The Mess Dinner was based on the traditional Military Mess Dinner but less formal. We had the full uniform, the piping in of the head table and the formal the toasts (with juice).

The MC was Cadet WO1 Jacob Gagne. He is well organized who he did an excellent job.  Jacob is planning to apply for RMC.
Once the formalities and meal were completed the incoming PEI League Chair Bill Fowler introduced our Guest Speaker Rick Hardy and highlighted his extensive Military resumé.  Some fifteen plus years ago, Rick was DCdts and his knowledge of Cadets is what we wanted in a speaker.

Rick then literally took to the floor (not the podium) and immediately captured the attention of everyone. He did a great job as he spoke directly to the Cadets about Cadet stuff.  He talked about his experience as DCdts and visiting Cadets at camps, especially the Greenwood Camp (being close to home) and his interaction with the Cadets.

I observed the group (especially the Cadets) and I did not notice anyone being bored. After the guest speaker was thanked and presented with a gift.  This was followed by PEI League Honours & Awards Chair, Past National President Guy Albert to present the League Awards.  The MC then closed the event after the departure of the Head Table.

The Cadets and CIC’s spoke with me afterward to say that they were extremely impressed with the Mess Dinner and especially with the guest speaker. Ladies & Gentlemen of the League you can be proud of the hard work and effort that helped make this event a success.

I hesitate to give names (as I am certain to miss someone) so, to everyone who made the AGM and the Air Cadet Mess Dinner enjoyable and such a great success, I extend my gratitude and heartfelt thanks.

Also, I wish to thank you for your support to me, over my many years with the League and I look forward to the continued friendship.

Dave Vokey (Past Chair)
ACLC PEI Provincial Committee.



Air Cadet League of PEI