This section deals with a number of specific issues which are not covered in the PEIPC Handbook or the National Policies and Procedures Manual.

Financial Matters

The issues surrounding money (how is it raised, who controls it and how it is spent) can be among the most contentious issues that are raised. There are some simple points to follow that should help to avoid conflict. Your Provincial Chair is well briefed on these matters also.

  • All fund raising activities should be agreed to by the Sponsoring Committee and the Commanding Officer;
  • All funds, except for a petty cash fund, shall flow through the Sponsoring Committee’s bank account that is set up solely for the operation of the squadron;
  • The Commanding Officer should have a petty cash account that is renewed as required on presentation of receipts;
  • All bills and invoices should be paid for by check drawn against the Sponsoring Committee’s bank account;
  • The budget should be agreed to early in the year. Once agreed upon, it should be reviewed periodically to ensure that expenditures and fund raising activities are on track; and The budget should be amended as required.

Conflict Resolution

Another potential problem area is related to how the Sponsoring Committee Chair and Commanding Officer share responsibilities in providing the best outcome for the cadets. There always exists the potential for personality conflict, or plain disagreement with some decisions that are made on either side of the partnership. If not dealt with swiftly, a seemingly small disagreement may evolve into a conflict which cripples the operation of the Squadron. Practice good communication skills at all times and if at any time, you believe the Squadron is headed for a major conflict, do not hesitate to seek the assistance of your Provincial Chair. If the matter is serious enough, he/she will guide you in carrying out the conflict resolution policy, which was developed by the PEIPC with the input and blessing of our CF partners.


Each year, many cadets apply for National Courses (flying and gliding, technical training, athletic leadership, space camp, survival instructors, international exchange, air traffic control, senior leaders, and rifle-coach course). As part of the application process, the cadet is required to attend an interview with representatives of the PEIPC. It is recommended that each squadron conduct ‘mock’ interviews using Squadron Officers and members of the Sponsoring Committee. This will help them prepare for the actual interview, and can help reduce the stress load on the cadet.

Interviews are also conducted to screen prospective CIC officers and civilian instructors. If the commanding officer asks you to participate in one of these interviews you should try to accommodate the request. It will give you the opportunity to have input into the selection of squadron staff at the earliest possible opportunity. If you do participate in an interview for a prospective CIC officer, please notify Provincial Chair of this fact as well as your observations about the prospective candidate. Depending on your level of involvement with the squadron, you may also be asked to provide some input on the selection of awards for the Annual Review and possible promotions.

Gliding Centers

Supporting the flying and gliding program is one of the major activities of the PEIPC. If you have the opportunity to visit one of our gliding centers, you will find it a valuable experience.

Special Events

During the course of the year, you may have the opportunity to attend some special events in your capacity as Squadron Chair. These could include activities sponsored by the squadron (special parades, weekend training etc.) as well as other provincial events (band and drill competitions, wing-training activities). If you have the opportunity to attend some of these activities you should do so. It will give you an insight into other aspects of the Air Cadet training program. You are also encouraged to visit a local gliding center if there is one in your area.

You also have an open invitation to attend special activities and meetings sponsored by the PEIPC. These include the Annual General Meeting (October), the Semi-Annual General Meeting (April), the provincial Effective Speaking Competition (April) or summer camp visits (July and August). Not only will these meetings provide you with additional information about PEIPC functions, it will also give you the opportunity to network with fellow members and directors.

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