Vimy Flight

More than 22,000 Canadians flew for the British Air Services in the First World War. This documentary looks back at Canada’s early aviator heroism from a personal and modern perspective. The personal perspective is colorfully captured from compelling stories provided by surviving relatives, or passionate supporters, of popular and lesser-known Canadian FWW pilots. The modern perspective is examined through biplane builders, FWW pilot enthusiasts and Air Cadets who bring the past to the present during the construction and testing of two FWW replica biplanes. Published on Sep 26, 2016

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Flight Path of Heros

To highlight Canada’s first aviation heroes, Sound VentureCanadian GeographicThe Royal Canadian Geographical Society, CPAC and Canadian Heritage, have partnered together to create an hour-long documentary, 2-day teachers workshop, and aerial photography kits.  Learn more

Flight Path of Heros 2017


Air Cadet League of PEI